Athletes Assessment Tool

Athletes Assessment Tool

The future of player evaluation and sports assessment, where biomechanics and technology combine to provide unmatched insights into athletic performance.

How It Works

The best AI tool for markerless biomechanic technology – take a look how it works

Powerful Motion Capture Solution

Our cutting-edge AI approach has completely changed how we assess sports performance. It allowing us to gather extremely precise information in real-world scenarios without the use of pricey sensors or lab-controlled conditions.

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Smartphone Markerless Technology

Our motion capture solution and strong algorithms turn this data into meaningful insights for athletes and coaches to use for performance optimization and injury prevention. Understanding each athlete's unique movements and mechanics, allows coaches to design training programs and techniques to their specific demands, allowing them to reach their utmost potential.

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Golf is stepping into the digital age, and in a few years this technology will become an integral part of every game. Be the first one to have it!

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