How we work to customise our platform

How we work to customise our platform

We use individual approach to every our customer. And adjust our platform to satisfy all customers needs.

Easy Customisation

Here how we work with our customers
to get their business processes to the next level

Investigate Business Processes

We do assessment of the customer's business, investigate the market, generate and test different ideas and approaches

Provide Solution

We create a solution which ideally fits to the customer's business and covers and improves the processes

Measure Results

We monitor provided solution and help to take decisions based on the data


With customised RoundU platform you will get much more benefits
comparing with standard surveillance systems or total custom implementation

Modular System

Modular System

Our platform has number of ready to use modules which can be used without additional cost

Easy Customize

Easy Customize

Unique modules for custom event detection or custom behaviour can be developed based on the training platform

Integration and Security

Integration and Security

Platform can be deeply integrated to the business process and existing infrastructure