Our Technologies

We provide world-leading artificial intelligence development and application platforms for various industries

Data Analysis

We perform BI and forecast tasks for your organization to optimize your business decisions. We know how to integrate into your systems or get a snapshot of the data to provide significant business insights quickly

AI Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the fourth technological revolution. We have a team of Ph.D. and MSc in Math, CS, and Physics with decades of experience in solving complex tasks. We solve Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Financial predictions, and Chatbots tasks - fast and accurate

Machine learning

Did you hear about machine learning? We develop great solutions for your business based on your data! Classification of your clients, pattern analysis in your sales or prediction of your next business decision; with the right data we can do it all - fast

Web development

Show, don't tell. Every product manager, designer or user knows that a good idea must have a good presentation. We develop state of the art websites. From concept through design and up to development - giving your business and algorithms place to shine

Mathematical modeling

Math - right? Well, we actually really like it and enjoying converting your complex problem into elegant and simple math. Don't worry, we solve our models so you can enjoy the fruits without math. What math you probably ask... We model and solve PDE\ODE systems, graph theory, numerical analysis optimization and much more

Cloud computing optimization

Welcome to the new era of computing - the cloud! You probably notice it is costly to compute on the cloud. But it doesn't have to be like this! Let us make your cloud cost-effective without affecting your application performance

All You Need for Solution

We don’t provide just algorithms or code samples, we develop ready to use system and integrate it in the current infrastructure and business processes.


  • Research
  • Development
  • Consulting
  • Setup Infrastructure
  • Capacity building